Origin Story

aka The Market Gap

What are you losing?

The rise of the internet has given an unlimited amount of power in the hands of businesses. Once upon a time, it was once unthinkable for small businesses to compete with enterprises. But now with capable professionals and passionate entrepreneurs, any small business not only can compete with enterprises but also exceed them in many ways. Engagebound is that power for small and medium scale businesses which enables them to succeed at the unthinkable. We have worked with a lot of small-medium scale businesses and enterprises in the past. Our realisation during our experience in building India's one of the best advertising agencies was small-medium scale businesses lack resources to hire agencies. So, they rely upon whoever wants to work with them and in many cases that person is an inexperienced intern or an employee. We bridge the gap by bringing affordability and expertise together.

Engagebound exists to bridge the expertise-price gap.

How we solve the problem?


Our vast experience in advertising and marketing has encouraged us to make effective advertising accessible to everyone.


Even though we focus on affordability, quality is still our top priority. We hire the best of the best with you so that you focus only on your business. 

Ease of Use

Ease of usage and communication is our priority while you work with us. We enable your user dashboard to handle everything from one place.

100% Satisfaction

Our support team will help you out with all your queries and needs so that your experience remains as smooth as possible. 

Leadership Team

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Smaranika Jena


She is the visionary leader who handles the core customer success in handling the scale of the company.

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Shushrut Mohanty


He is a creative leader who also has a deep passion for marketing. He handles customer success and growth.

Questions? We’ll put you on the right path.

We make the life of entrepreneurs and marketers easy by providing marketing solutions that is changing the future of small and medium scale businesses.

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