5 best content writing & marketing agencies

Brands result from experiences and journeys, and they need the right kind of storytelling to propagate their true value.

That's what content writers do. They tell the story of a brand in its truest and engaging form to potential customers, who ultimately shall be a part of that experience or journey.

In recent times, with the rising importance of digital marketing, content writers are being seen as apt storytellers for propagating the brand's message. And it's not about just putting in a few words about the brand, it's about understanding the brand's story, potential customer's emotions, and unique other factors to put across an engaging story for the audience.

A good piece of content shall always tell your story most attractively; hence its very important to find the right storytellers. With the growing demands of content writers, various content writing companies have emerged, serving as content powerhouses for brands of all sizes and kinds.

Let's take you through the list of 5 best content writing company so that you can decide your apt storyteller:


Engagebound is a content writing company establishing itself as a pioneer for creating top-notch content that engages with the potential customer with ease. The company offers services starting from content research to publication that is handled at affordable rates.

Engagebound is a Mindbound Creatives' Company and has brands such as Paytm, Indian Oil, Lyflink, and others on its portfolio. Engagebound engages professional and competent content writers who produce the best stories that connect well with the audience. Its attractive Inbound Blogging plan makes the phrase "Content is the King" even better.

Engagebound's Inbound Blogging plan ensures professionally written content through niche writers. The plan commits itself to serve the search engine results as much as the audience, hence ensuring SEO-optimised blogs that boost your presence on the SERP.

Apart from engaging content that will get you discovered, the plan also ensures that content sees your approval and it invites revisions from your end. Thus, creating an engaging 2-fold relationship.

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Pepper Content:

Pepper content is an upcoming content writing company looking to disrupt the content market space with innovative products and engaging services. The company is based out of Mumbai and engages freelancers to write and produce quality content.

With Pepper Content, brands can easily place their content requirement, which goes through a smart assignment system that allots assignments to the specific content writer of that domain, followed by the delivery. The smart content marketplace has brands such as Swiggy, Yatra, Cars 24, and others on its portfolio.


Wittypen is a content writing company that engages content writers of the highest quality to create quality content. It aims to make the internet a formidable place for quality content that serves both brands and potential customers.

Wittypen engages quality freelancers to keep the content cycle rolling. The company has brands such as Cred, PharmEasy, Coverfox, and others on its portfolio. The company aims to work with constructive feedback from its clients to keep every stakeholder happy and satisfied.


Scribly.io is a content writing company that aims at engaging brands and potential customers with quality content. The company creates a dynamic space for content and everything related to it.

It has grown itself to become a goto place for engaging content that caters to the audience's emotions perfectly. The company's aim is to understand needs and create the right content strategy for its clients and execute them properly. Scribly has served clients across various sectors including Pleo, UB Partner, Dixa, DB&MH and looks forward to engagingly creating dynamic propositions through content and making it a disruptive force in the marketing world.

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Koalarank is a content writing & marketing company that helps businesses grow with content that attracts attention, boosts traffic, generate leads, & scale your business.

The company caters to B2B companies to attract more leads and increase ROI through engaging content. It has several renowned brands on its portfolio that make it one of the most sought-after content writing companies.


Content has grown to become an important part of a company's growth. However good a company's products or services might be, they don't serve any purpose if the right kind of content is not chosen to tell its story to potential customers.

Content helps people become a part of a story by making them more informed about a particular product or service. Hence, brands should look forward to choosing the best company that presents an attractive proposition when it comes to creating the best content.