7 social media goals every company must have!

Businesses today want to seem up-to-date, swanky. Clients come to us with demands as simple and crazy as “we want to go viral on social media.” It’s an ambitious goal, but the next viral video or post as crazy as guessing the biggest gainer of the stock market three months from now. Yes, businesses should have objectives. Even if you as a businessman mess up the jargon of the digital world, you should have a certain idea of what you expect in return from your investment in social media.

Therefore, we are following this up with 7 simple, achievable social media goals that you can set for your digital agency (or yourself) that will propel you and your business in a direction that you envisioned.

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1. Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness is the most common goal of any business when they join social media. When they see your brand exist in the social media space, they acknowledge your existence and the content you share, the products you promote and the conversations you become a part of lets you position specifically in multiple dimensions.

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2. Community Engagement:

Engagement is the second top reason why marketers use social media. And research has found that social media interactions improve brand perception, loyalty, and word of mouth recommendations. If you want people to see your social media posts, you have to produce engaging content and respond to your community.

3. Lead Generation:

An overwhelmingly B2B concept, lead generation is about cherry picking prospects from a pool of audience, and investing time and effort to convert them.

A lead is generated when you get enough information and inquisitiveness from their part to try to inform them more about your product, and eventually sell it to them. The information gathered can be in the form of email IDs, phone numbers, address etc.

4. Drive traffic to website:

A sales pitch is a flow of information. And driving traffic to your curated website, where you control everything, is an effective way to control this flow and intricately design this sales pitch.

With the right Call To Action (CTA), you can extend this sales pitch by driving potential prospects to your website and giving them a chance to browse your catalogue and service.

5. Grow Revenue:

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook enable customers to shop online. Entrepreneurs use this feature to push their products out and clear their inventory by making these products available for sale either on these social media marts or leading the customers to a billing page of their website. If you convince the customer with your post, you stand a clear chance to make a sale and leap over most steps of the sales funnel.

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6. Customer Service:

After sales service is a crucial aspect that consumers vet before signing up for a brand. With prompt and effective social media handlers, you can extend your customer service support to social media and let your consumers reach out to you and interact on a one-on-one basis to solve their queries, accept feedback and provide post-purchase support.

7. Community Building:

A community of your consumers online will speak for your brand and advertise your brand on your behest, unprompted and free. A satisfied customer is the best form of marketing and the digital footprint of a compliment and a positive testimonial never dies.

Identifying, maintaining and rewarding this community of loyal customers is a full-time job that involves zero room for error but reaps infinite rewards, since nothing can replace personal recommendations.