Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I have been a student of visual communication (that literally was the name of the course I studied in college) and when I started my company, my education of effective graphics (videos, designs, communication) helped me sell more. I didn’t realize that until recently when I was talking to one of our customers and he mentioned how he has been watching my content even before he personally knew me and that made him buy from me. So, I analyzed the process and came up with 7 ways to use graphics to increase sales.

Increasing sales has to do with basic fundamentals of trust, storytelling and support. Usually people start with engaging with you on social media, get hooked into one of your posts and start a conversation with you, you nurture them with value, recover the drop offs and turn them into customers. But the journey doesn’t end there. They join your community and end up becoming your raving fans, spreading positive messages about you. Each part of the process can be associated with different graphic instruments and you can either do it yourself or hire a graphic design company to do it for you.

The Seven Ways

1. Engage with social media posts

Your prospects are scrolling through social media looking through so many posts. It’s crowded with individuals and brands trying to seek their attention. Suddenly they stop. They see an image or a text that initiates a conversation in their mind. They either agree or disagree. The post is so provocative that they decide to either like it, comment on it or share it with their friends. That’s usually how a person gets introduced to your brand (also means personal brand on social media). If they like your feed relatable, they might follow you too. So, how to engage them with graphics in social media?

  1. Analyze the pain and pleasure points of your prospects. The pain points can be what they hate and the pleasure point can be what they want to get. For example , one may hate their boss but they may want an expensive car and freedom.

  2. Create content addressing them. The visual should express what they think within themselves.

  3. Always ask a question. Because when you read a question, your mind tends to answer it automatically. If that question is provocative enough, it will be sufficient for them to share or follow you.

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2. Subscribed with hook

Making them subscribe to you is a huge win in the game. If they follow you or subscribe to your newsletter, that is enough to get them to stay with you. Your only job is to not let them unsubscribe by giving them what you promised. Don’t bore them with your sales messages. Make them fall in love with you.

But here’s a mistake that most people make! They share only about their work. If you want someone to fall in love with you, you have to share more than your work. You need to share your struggle, personal life, wins and loses and be transparent enough to create true relationships. Try engaging with DMs or email on 1:1 sessions. Build credibility.

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3. Nurture with value

After the subscription, nurture them with value. Value doesn’t mean only positive messages but actually something valuable that they can practically use in their lives and business. It’s equally important to create something of value and distribute across your subscribers. Follow these points to add enormous value to your subscribers.

  1. Provide something that can be utilized practically. Theoretical stuff doesn’t interest people. Name it as per the value proposition. For example “Learn how to earn $10,000 per month with marketing automation.”

  2. Create reciprocity. Offer something for free to receive a bigger return.

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4. Recover the drop-offs

It’s usual that people drop off from your lists. They unfollow you, unsubscribe to you. That happens for a major reason that they stop connecting to you. You can try to win them back with even more value. Try to reach them again with:

  1. Retargeting ADs offering lead magnets

  2. Always differentiate so that they will always consider buying from you

  3. Engaging content without any commitment

If you still aren’t able to win them back, just know sometimes it’s better to let go of people if they aren’t a right fit.

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5. Close better

What is closing? Closing is a commitment from your prospect that they are going to buy from you. There is a time when your subscribers are ready to buy. You need to have your assets ready to successfully turn them into paying customers. Closing can come in forms of an assurance (a free trial or risk free promise). The promise will be translated in a way that your graphic designs communicate them. The mismatch of communication between what you promise and what your designs promise can create trust issues.

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6. Build your community

No matter if you end up with a successful sale or not your community will be the biggest asset you have. They are your tribe and you need to create a healthy atmosphere around it. You can host it in a Facebook group, Whatsapp group, reddit or have your own platform for the same. Invite members to share their thoughts, assets and value as you can share yours. It will help you create raving fans and personal connections.

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7. Create raving fans

Your raving fans will spread words about you and bring you business even when you are in your bed. They don’t do it because they will get something in return but they do it because they genuinely care about you and your success. The key to getting them is by sharing your journey with them through social media, community or help them grow massively.

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