SaaS Marketing Strategy: 7 killer ideas to grow your company in 2021

SaaS companies are bound to grow by huge leaps and bounds given the huge shift from traditional market standards to technology-driven techniques. According to reports, 10 to 12% rise is expected in the next 3 years. This further squeezes the market space by increasing competition and shifts focus from traditional SaaS Marketing Strategies to REDEFINED and REFORMULATED ones. Lead Generation and Leap Conversion are the 2 important methods of SaaS companies. This makes it crucial to deploy the right strategies and have the right tricks up the sleeves to focus on GROWTH.

GROW 7-fold with 7 Killer GROWTH Ideas!

2021 has just kicked in with a new-found vigour. Same should be the case with marketing and growth-hacking strategies for SaaS companies. OR, as we call it- 7 killer ways to make 2021 better for SaaS companies! Let’s get started with it:


“CONTENT IS THE KING”- the saying seems like a zillion years old but as we also say- “OLD IS GOLD”, the saying still holds.

Content creation helps companies to tell their story and strike a chord with their potential customer. Companies should follow a well laid-out content plan to target the potential audience with the right strategy.

Apart from telling a story, the right content strategy runs high on garnering inbound leads for the company. Engagebound’s Inbound Content Plan aims to help companies with warm leads and sweet conversions, leading to the desired customer base. The dynamically curated plan includes Topic Ideation, Content Calendar, Lead Generation, Niche Content Writing, and a greater focus on SEO. Engagebound’s Inbound Content Plan aims to help companies with warm leads and sweet conversions, leading to the desired customer base. The dynamically curated plan includes Topic Ideation, Content Calendar, Lead Generation, Niche Content Writing, and a greater focus on SEO.

Engagebound focuses on engaging the companies with the right customers by engraving research and content creation driven by organic growth.

2021 will be the year of stories and an effective content plan will help companies to engage and convert leads organically.

2. Nail YOUR Social Media Presence.

Likes, Shares, Followers, Subscribers, and Comments have become an important component of any marketing strategy, thanks to Social Media.

2021 will read further into this. Companies need to harp on the right trend and increase their social media presence to become a part of the shared posts and stories on social media.

Engagebound’s social media growth plan effectively keeps you on the road towards becoming the NEW TREND! It aims at engaging your followers or subscribers with a curated plan to garner the most likes and comments. The growth plan pools in efficient Competitor Research, dynamic creation of Strategy and Social Media Copy that is finally backed by engaging and killer Designs.

This beautiful and delicious social media recipe serves the potential customers and makes them curious and wanting for more. Hence, makes people check out your social media account or handle and get them interested in what you do.

3. Start selling Stories Not Products.

Seth Godin once said, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”

Companies always try to sell the WHAT? But forget to tell you about WHY? And HOW?

The 3 components are vital for any company's growth. It’s very important to sell stories and companies should start focusing on it through the right content plan and social media strategy.

Companies have to do it with aspirational branding and create content that incites inspiration among potential customers.

4. Focus more on Customer Retention.

For any business, acquiring new customers is seen as a sign of growth, but it’s also important to retain the existing customers to feed your growth curve. Providing good customer experience and introducing new product features or services will help in preventing the existing customer to drift away.

Take a pledge to help your customers out by providing the right solutions and protecting their trust.

5. Refine your SEO Strategy.

Companies should revisit their SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategies and redefine them.

They should conduct an SEO audit and create or refurbish content that includes relevant and high-value keywords. SEO contributes to the sales funnel holistically and companies need to optimize well to feature on the 1st page of SERP. Apart from SEO-optimized content, the focus should be on high domain authority, referrals and link-building. Playing the SEO-game right with A/B testing and efficient data-driven strategy will help the companies to GROW.

6. Focus on Video Marketing.

Online videos take up a huge chunk of consumer internet traffic and are something which marketers or business owners can’t ignore. Videos are a great way to attract new customers and increase website traffic by reducing the bounce rate. Also, its rate of conversion is high as compared to any other content format.

Videos can be used to showcase new product features, create demos, testimonials, portraying the brand story, and others. In 2021, the focus should shift to shooting and creating content that engages and contributes to the growth-curve.

7. Rebuilt your CTA.

CTA or Call-to-action is the last point of contact before the customer leaves your portal and you should give your best to attract him/her before that exit point. Companies should start experimenting with quirky or creative CTAs that helps them work on customer attraction. The CTAs should emphasize on the core-feature of the product or service.

CTAs can also be built on social proofs that act as an excellent idea for attracting customer focus. These killer ideas can fire up the GROWTH curve of SaaS companies in 2021. These need to be implemented by putting it through a well-curated module that incites growth and engages customers with the right propositions.