Top 5 Free Graphic Design Tools

There are a lot of paid graphic design tools that you can use to create outstanding graphics but if you are just starting out, find the tools complicated or need an easier way around, you can just create similar output with many free graphic design tools. When I started learning designing on my own in 2009, there weren’t many free tools around. I got my hands over Adobe Photoshop and learnt the skill with tutorials on Youtube but for many of you beginners or non-designer entrepreneurs, the softwares may look complicated. In this blog we will cover 5 free design tools including softwares, templates, stock images, community and much more.

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1. Canva:

It’s a well known name for anyone who has ever tried design. Canva has turned the complicated tools of graphic design software a simple and accessible to non-designers. It’s easy to use a drag and drop tool and an awesome template library allows you to create designs quickly. You can upload your fonts, vectors, stock images and much more to create high quality design even if you have a little knowledge on design theory. The only drawback is you can’t access paid templates which are obviously better than the free ones and Canva is slowly monetizing over the huge user base so you may soon lose the chance to download your designs for free.

2. Freepik:

Freepik is the most popular and the best platform to find graphic design and illustration templates and vector graphics. The files they provide are completely editable but you need to know Photoshop or Illustrator if you want to edit them. But at the same time you can also directly insert them into any easy designer such as Canva or send them to your designer on Engagebound and create high quality designs. By using Freepik you also should credit the contributors in your design. If you are looking at paid alternatives and more variations, you can use Creative Market or Envato Elements to find good quality design templates.

3. Engagebound:

No matter what tools you use, it’s important that you understand the design concepts and buyer psychology to create designs that not only look well but also perform well. Engagebound gives you access to unlimited designs in a month created by expert designers on your instructions. So, your design becomes higher in quality because it's created by experts. Engagebound can design logos to social media posts to marketing assets to presentation decks and even websites and mobile apps. All that with just a flat monthly price and with a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t happy - no questions asked.

4. Unsplash:

Unsplash is a free stock image website with a huge collection of high quality stock images. I’ve tried other free stock image websites such as Pixabay but Unsplash appeals to me much more than anything else. The library always gets updated and you can literally have access to thousands of new pictures everyday. You can also search pictures by topics and follow contributors you like. It’s also really good to seek visual references when you are creating something or you can also contribute as a photographer.

5. Behance:

Behance is a community created by Adobe for designers to share their portfolio with the world. You can join this community to share your own works or to gather inspiration when you are creating something. I usually get references from Behance before working on any design or when I give references to our designers at Engagebound which gives me a perspective of imagination. You can also try Pinterest or Dribble for similar purposes.

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So, those are the free tools you can use today to create interesting graphic designs for your company and use design as a growth tool.

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