Top 5 Social Media Marketing companies to look for in 2021

Social media has become an indispensable part of our life. It helps us savoir the best moments of life and allows us to engage with everyone. From being limited to only one platform to having a plethora of platforms to choose from, it has come a long way.

These characteristics have made its metrics necessary for marketing purposes too. No doubt in today's time, social media marketing is riding high with full throttle and establishing new rules and grounds that companies have to abide by for quality leads and customers.

Social media has forced brands to create content in a way that's trendy and catches people's attention. Harping on this trend for trendy content, many social media marketing companies have emerged to provide a comprehensive solution to help companies trend and attract leads.

Companies can select from the following list of top social media marketing companies and choose their preferred way to trend at #1:


Engagebound is one of the most prolific players in the field of social media marketing. The company allows brands to keep themselves relative to the current trend and attract audiences for their product or services.

Engagebound ensures an easy and hassle-free social media growth with the best resources that help to garner quality engagement and leads. Its Social Media Growth Plan makes the journey from research to creating engaging posts simple and easy.

With the social media growth plan, companies will get a proprietary content calendar that caters to the necessary posts that need to be done. The calendar shall also make provisions for posts related to the latest trends for more engagement.

The plan shall empower your social media handle with quality posts that are backed by engaging copy and design. Engaging with the plan won't allow brands to worry about publishing their posts as it will be handled by experts who shall do it according to trend analysis and suitable time frame.

Companies shall also get monthly analytics to help them know about their engagements and leads through the various social media platforms. Overall, this plan shall help your social media platform to grow organically and attract quality leads.

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Social Cubicle:

Social Cubicle is a leading social media marketing company that harnesses engagement with the target audience uniquely and engagingly. The company has served clients across various domains and has made them social media hot-topics with engaging posts.

The company has well-optimized plans for all social media platforms. Its unique approach to social media platforms has made it distinctive, and a preferred company for a brand that seeks leads through quality engagement.


Webmaffia has shown its prowess in social media marketing by catering to clients with a unique and intuitive approach. It has provided dynamic growth to social media handles of companies who have been associated with it and has given them exemplary results.

The company has worked with brands such as Bisleri, Indiabulls, and others and has helped them grow their social media handles in the most organic and unique manner.

Webmaffia believes in humanizing a company's approach towards attracting quality leads with the help of dynamic social media strategy.

Marketing Masala:

Marketing Masala is a social media marketing company that helps brands build their social media platforms.

The company works across all social media platforms with well-strategics plans that suit the company and the platform. It develops strategies based on recent trend analysis and ensures that the target audience is catered to the content produced.

Marketing Masala aims to add the right mix of spices to a brand's social media game to help it match its audience's taste, who shall savoir it forever.

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Shootorder is an upcoming social media marketing company that is based out of Hyderabad. The company aims at engaging across various social media platforms in a refined and dynamic manner to attract potential leads.

The company adopts an all-rounder's strategy when it comes to strategizing for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

It has worked with a plethora of clients across various fields and aims at providing dynamic services backed by a well-defined game plan.


Social Media Marketing has grown to become an important part in a company's growth. Social Media Marketing(SMM) is the heart of any marketing plan, and it should be engaged properly with well-defined strategies.

Hence, engage with the best company that helps you reach out to your audience with quality copy, posts and strategies.