What is Inbound Content by Engagebound?

Engagebound's Inbound Content is a service which helps startups with their content marketing. When companies go in the path of creating blogs and marketing them they can go in multiple paths. One, they can hire a freelancer they know or on platforms like Fiverr. Two, they can hire an agency which can be extremely expensive. Engagebound's Inbound Content helps to bridge the gap. It's appropriate for people who have zero knowledge on content marketing or blogging as Engagebound handles the process end-to-end on a done-for-you basis.

All the Engagebound Inbound Content plan includes:

  1. Researching your competitors to find the relevant topics and keywords

  2. Writing SEO friendly articles. (SEO friendly articles help you get found on Google)

  3. Delivering or publishing them depending on your requirement and plan

  4. Fixed price on whichever plan you choose

Engagebound is already working with companies in India, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Europe creating monthly articles for them. Want to try Engagebound out? Click here.