Unlimited Design


Here's a list of graphic requests we support with our Unlimited Graphic Design plan:

  • Display ads

  • Print or digital brochures

  • Brand accessories (Example: T-Shirt, Business Card. Letterhead, Cap, Mug, Sipper etc.)

  • Trade show marketing materials

  • Packaging labels

  • Banner ads for Google, Facebook, Social Media, etc

  • Social media graphics

  • Promotional items

  • Outdoor graphics

  • Stickers

  • Event flyers/posters

  • Email Header Graphics & Signatures (design only, no coding)

  • Blog header graphics

  • Removing backgrounds from images

  • E-commerce graphics

  • Logos with a clear concept and direction

  • Pitch Deck

  • Resume

  • Ebook/Lead Magnet

Here's a list of graphic requests we do not support with our Unlimited Graphic Design plan:

  • Video or Motion Graphics

  • GIF & SVG Animation

  • Extremely complex or fine art illustrations

  • Fillable and interactive PDFs

  • Photoshop art or complex photo manipulation

  • Digital Painting & Game Assets

  • 3D / CAD

  • HTML / CSS / UI / UX, Mobile or App Design

  • Coding, Programming, or Development

  • Content writing or manual typing (eg: typing text from images, coming up with titles for your ads, doing research for your copy, etc)

  • Outside research (eg: looking up info about products, doing google searches, sourcing images from google, etc)

  • Inappropriate requests that are sexually explicit, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, or anything that is against Engagebound’s core values