Wholesome Content



  • Researching your niche and ideating topics that is working well

  • Researching high-performing SEO Keywords

  • Writing 1000 word blog

  • Find the right stock images for the blog

  • One free revision round

  • Delivering the blog or publishing them directly into your website or Medium

Social Media Posts:

  • Researching your niche and finding what's working well

  • Creating content calendar

  • Creating copy for the posts

  • Creating a design template for you

  • Design each post

  • One free revision round

  • Delivering the posts to you or directly publish them into your social media platforms


  • Creating both live-action or simple animated videos

  • The video work shall not include any on location shooting

  • We shall use pre-shot videos, high quality stock image and videos, and illustrations to create them

  • You can create testimonial videos, basic explainer video, social media videos, podcasts, webinars

  • The videos shall not include any voice over

  • One free revision round

  • We will add text, effects, music creating a very good output

We make the life of entrepreneurs and marketers easy by providing marketing solutions that is changing the future of small and medium scale businesses.

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