Startup Odisha has increased social media engagement by 112% resulting in a successful campaign.

We worked with STARTUP ODISHA, a government body of MSME department helping startups grow in the state of Odisha. They work with the mission and vision to provide startups with adequate support and help them grow.

Vision & Mission of Startup Odisha

Our Goal

Startup Odisha launched a campaign called “Start in Odisha” which encouraged citizens who stayed outside of Odisha and have come back home during the COVID-19 pandemic to start their dream ventures in Odisha. The goal was to:

Our Process

We wanted to achieve the goals with noticeable results. So, we broke the process down into the four following parts:

Content Planning

Design & Copy


We published this case study during the third month of the work and the following are the key metrics we achieved.


  • The page likes increased by 76%.

  • The post reach increased by 112%.

  • The post engagement increased by 25%.


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