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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I get the output?

Our usual turnaround for edited videos is around 2 business days. We may deliver it sooner or later depending on the complexity of your request.

What kind of videos can I create?

You can create interesting short form podcasts, personal branding social media videos, testimonial videos, training videos - basically anything where anyone is speaking directly to the camera (can be through a video call, webcam, mobile recording or DSLR recording). We will convert them into professionally edited videos for you.

I'm not sure if I want to subscribe. Can I try it out?

Sure. Your can try us out with the Free plan. After you've exhausted your limit and ready to get results, subscribe to any other plan which suits you the best. Please note, the paid plans have more features than the free plan.

Can I submit a zoom call recording?

Yes, you can submit any video call recording.

How can I use the videos?

You will own 100% rights of the work, so you can use it however you want. But to give you some reference you can post them on social media to build authority and generate leads, host them on your website as testimonials, use them as training programs to educate employees, create online class and earn money and much more.

How does this work?

After signing up, you'll have a dashboard, where you can: 1. Submit video links to your podcast or video recording 2. Specify requirements, style of video, branding and output dimension 3. We assign the best video editor fit for your requirement. Your dedicated manager will co-ordinate between you and your editor to deliver the best output. 4. Once completed, the deliverable is automatically emailed to you for feedback & revisions. You can access it from your dashboard anytime you want.

Can I cancel anytime? Is there any contract?

No, there isn't any contract. You can cancel anytime from the dashboard yourself by removing your card or by submitting a support ticket.

How are your prices so low?

Engagebound has a community of elite, highly-vetted video editors (both freelancers and dedicated team members) who cover over a dozen different industries. In exchange for consistent work, our editors work for rates far lower than your average industry experts – we bring those cost savings to you.

In addition to that, we've built a set of internal tools that use technology to supplement our designers - much of the creating, graphics, subtitling is automated. That's a big part of why we can offer quality at such a low rate.

We use smart economies of scale and a true free market to bring value to both sides. Our creators, on average, make 20% more than they normally do on other platforms (like Fiverr or Upwork) or on other similar jobs.

What can you create?

Social Media Videos


Post your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube. Become a thought leader. Drive more traffic to your website.

Training & Online Courses

Turn your videos into guides and how-to references for customers, clients, employees, and contractors. Create online courses to earn money and generate leads. Save a lot of time for yourself.


Build trust with your future clients by showing how your previous clients have benefited. Improve conversion rate and enjoy your success.

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